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The Wonderware Systems Integrator (SI) Partner Program and its SI Partners provide experience and productive solutions to Wonderware customers.

The Wonderware SI Partner Program is a multi-tier support system that recognizes participants by their level of experience and certification with Wonderware brands, market focus and industry-related expertise. The goal is to keep expertise close-at-hand to each customer and provide support all around the world. Program-certified SIs have experience with a wide range of technologies from instrumentation to valves to drives and robots, from single-loop control to distributed and supervisory control and from manufacturing execution systems to supply-chain planning and enterprise management systems. Maintaining collaborative business relationships with Ecosystem Partners worldwide allows Invensys to provide exceptional vertical-industry focus while ensuring the business results that our customers need.

There are 3 levels in the SI Partner Program: Entry-level Registered SI Partners, mid-level Certified SI Partners and highest-level Endorsed SI Partners.



Registered SI Partner

The most basic level, the Registered System Integrator, is for organizations that simply need to have access to a development system and the basic resources to deliver a successful project.

The Certified System Integrator:

For those companies who want a closer working relationship with Invensys Wonderware, Certified System Integrator Program recognizes System Integrators who have strong relationships with Invensys Wonderware, who have proven their ability to deliver successful projects utilizing Wonderware products, and who want increased visibility and recognition for those efforts, the Certified System Integrator level is a worthy goal and a meaningful credential. They employ developers who have passed Wonderware product Certification tests and have successfully completed several WW projects. These SI’s may have achieved Certification levels for various products Criteria to become Certified SI expands the range of available Product Level Certifications for SI firms identifying their unique SI specialties (visualization, historian,batch, system platform, operations & performance, intelatrac)

▪ Baseline is that SI must have at least 2 developers that have successfully completed individual product training and certification exams on InTouch and Historian.

▪ SI firm must have completed at least 2 successful projects to earn product level certifications Certified Sis


Endorsed Sis

This is an invitation only program. Endorsed SI partners have demonstrated their commitment to providing superior solutions and service to Wonderware customers, and to building a strong Wonderware practice within their businesses. These SIs have been certified for a number of years on ArchestrA/System Platform technology, and are among the best in class in providing Wonderware customers with comprehensive software solutions that increase customer efficiency, reduce costs and maximize customer profits.
Endorsed SI Selection Criteria

• Program is invitation only
• Candidate must participate in the Wonderware Systems Integrator Program as an Certified System Integrator – ArchestrA / System Platform
• Candidate should be sponsored by local Wonderware Sales team (distributor and regional WW management team)
• Meet target revenue criteria for Wonderware practice
• Meet Wonderware Endorsed SI program requirements that are focused on Organizational Operations Excellence, Wonderware Certifications, Wonderware business targets and established marketing and sales efforts within the SI’s region
• Enter into a Program Letter of Understanding with Wonderware with annual review




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