Wonderware MES

Having Full Control over Your Manufacturing System  

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) are the software that is used to deliver information that enables the optimization of production activities from order launch to finished goods.


Wonderware MES is an out-of-the box, configurable, modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software focused on production execution, shop floor data collection and analysis. There are several modules that the users can select to implement at their facilities, including Quality, Performance, Operation, and Batch.




This Module focuses on quality operations management capabilities for sample data collection within work order execution context to reduce the cost and increase the efficiency and accuracy of capturing and monitoring of critical quality information. Statistical Process Control (SPC) elements monitor sampled data and help improve product quality, minimize variations and improve yields by driving quality closer to targets and within specification limits.


  MES Quality Graph



  • Management of quality specifications with attached target values and specification limits, sample plan and control rule definitions
  • Automation of quality sampling procedures with enforcement or direct sampling from plant equipment or control systems
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) monitoring of sampled data with notifications of rule and limit violations
  • Complete electronic system records of operational execution and quality procedures

Download: Quality Module Datasheet


This module focuses on collecting, tracking and communicating real-time equipment performance and efficiency information - arming decisions makers with information such as knowing immediately when a production line goes down and the root cause, resulting in a quick estimation of how long until production is back up can mean orders get out the door that day, or they don't.

Scalable from machine/equipment level to line/plant, and across the enterprise - Wonderware MES Performance delivers time sensitive information so that the right decisions are made as quickly as possible to maximize productivity.





  • Equipment downtime tracking and analysis
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring
  • Web-based reporting for flexible access and collaboration
  • Template-based configuration for rapid development/deployment
  • Customizable .NET based operator displays
  • Integrated with Wonderware MES / Operations software capabilities
  • Highly extensible with broad plant and application connectivity



Download: Performance Module Datasheet



Wonderware InBatch is a batch management application developed to rapidly deploy and run revised or new product recipes, reducing the time to market and recipe validation efforts in regulated industries. Maximized process equipment utilization and Return on Assets (ROA) is achieved through InBatch’s sophisticated batch control logic, designed for simultaneous multi-product and multi-stream batch execution on shared equipment.

 Batch Wonderware
 Batch Benefits

Capable of utilizing Wonderware System Platform or operating independently, Wonderware InBatch effectively manages flexible batch operations found in Process Industries, while facilitating the design and implementation of a batching system that is compliant with the Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) 21 CFR Part 11 regulation.



  • Powerful recipe management and batch execution
  • Control system independent via state interface and DA Servers
  • InBatch model extends ISA88 with Connection & Transfer Management
  • Multiple batches executed simultaneous, also on shared equipment and connections
  • Redundant Batch Server option
  • Batch Markup Language (Batch ML) standard based recipe Import/Export
  • Comprehensive electronic batch record (EBR) and reporting capabilities out of the box


Download: InBatch Module Datasheet

Batch Model




Operation Module focuses on helping manufacturing companies manage, execute and document production operations by capturing, monitoring and managing information about the “Who, What, When, Where, Why and How Much” during work order execution. Productivity improvements through this methodology leads to faster inventory turns, reduced production lead times and swifter new product introductions for quick return on investment.




  • Powerful WIP management using queue controls, business logic and multilevel BOM features
  • Monitoring accurate ‘planned vs. actual’ production using intuitive user interfaces
  • Operational enforcement using procedural steps
  • Integration with shop floor control systems and HMI’s for automatic data collection and parameter download
  • Integrated with Wonderware MES v4.0 - Performance software capabilities
  • Common services for security, data collection, data communication and high availability
  • Comprehensive electronic batch record (EBR) and reporting capabilities out of the box


Download: Operation Module Datasheet