Wonderware Historian


The Best in Class Industrial Database


Wonderware Historian is the first large volume plant database with high speed data acquisition and storage system with traditional and relational database management system. Wonderware Historian facilitates easy access to plant data using open database standards. It is a powerful real time database for industrial that offers to store the data from 100 to 2,000,000 Tags with incredible data retrieval throughput.

Centralized historical process data: Wonderware Historian allows you to collect and aggregate data from multiple sources, including Wonderware InTouch, SQL data, and CSV files, in your facilities into one place. The data can also be summarized using advanced statistical tools to give the better understanding of the systems.

Simple and flexible reporting: Wonderware Historian provides multiple trending and reporting tools, including Query, MS SQL Reporting Service, MS Excel, and MS Word Plug-ins. Therefore, it greatly expand your flexibility to create different reports for different needs.

Fast Data Acquisition and Access: Industrial automation system requires fast, high resolution, reliable, and secure data acquisition. Wonderware Historian is a high performance real time database that acquires data thousands time faster than MS SQL. It enables the users to acquire the data as fast as 1/1000 second.

Root Cause Analysis: Wonderware Historian combines with Wonderware Information Server provides an overview of the process, such as alarm, production history, overlays, among others. Therefore, it enables you to easily navigate through data and break down problems into their components.  Additionally, Historian can compare multiple parameters at once to see the trend.

Data aggregation with multiple tiers: Historian can be configured into tiering, aggregating the data from lower level to higher level. So the data can the remote locations can easily be aggregated into a central command and reporting center.

Automated Archiving: Wonderware Historian can automate archiving and storage features, by controlling storage sub-directories based on size and age with an option to roll off local and area network drives as necessary. The facility is provided to access and view these archives from a permanent storage area.

Superior Data Compression for speed and efficiency: Wonderware Historian can compress data as much as forty times more than conventional database system to decrease storage requirements as well as management costs.
High Security of Data: Wonderware Historian compresses and encrypts data into history blocks which can be accessed by SQL. The data collection can be encrypted for highly secure transfer of data over networks.


Being able to use data is just as important as storing it. So wonderware provides many ways to access and visualize your process data. Historian Client provides a great desktop tool for viewing data trends and basic reports. Information Server display Historian data in many ways via convenient web delivery. For mobile workers, SmartGlance delivers Historian data report to their smart phones or tablets. Wonderware has all your data nanlysis needs covered.



Wonderware Historian supports the latest database technology from Microsoft, SQL Server 2012 both 32 and 64 bit. This leading edge technology supports higher perforemance, greater memory limits and keeps your historian implementation technologically up-to-date, helping to reduce risk and ensuring adequate long term support.


Download: Historian Datasheet