Wonderware IntelaTrac

Mobile Decision Support System

Wonderware IntelaTrac is industry-leading mobile workforce decision support system that helps to accelerate and sustain operational process via step by step instructions from the mobile devices. Therefore, it can be ensure that the operation and regulatory procedures are always followed.

IntelaTrac can use RFID tags and barcode in conjunction with workforce management software to ensure that decision making process will be guided through question and answer approach that will help the front line staffs to uncover hidden bottlenecks and problems. When the problems are found, Intelatrac will help the staffs to perform the additional actions to properly solve the issue.

Since IntelaTrac uses web reports, everyone on the team can cope with real time plant operation. Additionally, the IntelaTrac Software Development Kit (SDK) will ensures the lowerst cost of ownership by adding highly extensible mobile framework to the system.

 Key Benefits:

  • Enforce best operation procedures
  • Enforce the maintenance schedule to be performed accordingly
  • Provide extensive strategies for Stranded Asset
  • Faster response when facing complicated problems by having step by step guide
  • Achieving better process reliability and asset effectiveness
  • Encourage knowledge transfer between workforce
  • Having up to date information from plant automation system from mobile devices


Download: IntelaTrac Datasheet