Win 911

Mobile Alarm Notification Software  
Win-911 is the alarm notification software that is most widely used in the world. Win 911 can be connected to SCADA, HMI, and DCS systems. It can define the routing of the alarm in an effortless ways. Additionally, the alarm can be directed to the person in charge in the desired formats.
   Escalation Reporting Engine

The system can be programmed to route, filter, or escalate alarms and events to selected participants with a number of communication methods, such as smartphone push notification, SMS, email, screen display, or other communication methods.


Alarm Notification can incorporate work scheduling. Therefore, the system can send the alarm to who is working at the time of alarm.

   Alarm Reporting   

Alarm Reporting can be made easy with rich or plain text report templates. These reports can be sent according to a set rules, such as fixed schedule, alarm conditions, and data values.

   Alarm Logging and Change Management

Alarms details, such as notification, confirmation, acknowledgment, events, and error codes, can be sorted, arranged, and printed in a way that the user want. Additionally, the changes in configurations can be monitored for audit trial, according to CFR21 Part 11.


Download: Win 911 Datasheet