Traceability MES : Operation


    MES Operations is an out-of-the-box, configurable, modular Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that manages, tracks, and optimizes manufacturing production processes. It collects production data, executes work orders on the shop floor, and provides production visibility for reporting and analysis.

    Manufacturing Execution Systems provide the critical link to fill the gap between Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),and process machinery, supporting shop floor data in real time and providing the infrastructure for bottom-line manufacturing improvements. Manufacturing Execution Systems optimize production activities from order launchto finished goods.


  • Powerful WIP management using queue controls, business logic and multilevel BOM features
  • Monitoring accurate ‘planned vs. actual’ production using intuitive user interfaces
  • Operational enforcement using procedural steps
  • Integration with shop floor control systems and HMI’s for automatic data collection and parameter download
  • Integrated with Wonderware MES v4.0 - Performance software capabilities
  •  Common services for security, data collection, data communication and high availability
  • Comprehensive electronic batch record (EBR) and reporting capabilities out of the box