Trading Planning and Scheduling

Spiral delivers smart solutions to the Petroleum Industry, enabling enterprises to share data across trading, oil movements, planning, scheduling and operations.


Trading, Planning and Scheduling

For over 15 years, Spiral consultants have been working with the Oil Industry to build a smarter solution for petroleum supply chain management that matches the way modern businesses work. Schneider Electric has harnessed the enormous advances in Information Technology infrastructure to enable our customers to transform their enterprises through continuous data sharing across trading, oil movements, planning, scheduling and operations. This allows people to play dynamic, influential roles in each other’s business processes. Schneider Electric has broken down the legacy barriers that existed between point solutions in the past and caused loss of value and removed the need for application experts by incorporating intuitive workflows and helpful diagnostics. Users are now free to focus on making robust and effective business decisions based on results that are easier to communicate and more flexible to changing operational and market conditions.


    • Crude Knowledge Management

      Crude knowledge management brings together assay measurements with operational data, refinery models, past experience, market information and even news feeds within a fully collaborative framework, pushing well outside the bounds of legacy assay management software. From laboratories to oil major implementations, commodity trading companies and engineering and consultancy firms, Spiral’s proven track record makes them the number one choice for crude knowledge management solutions.

    • Planning

      Refinery plans are inherently uncertain and will deviate from actual operations, especially when short-term opportunities and undesirable events arise. Spiral’s solution remains robust and flexible to changing conditions through the incorporation of known risks and preemptive strategies that seek to minimize negative impact on profitability. The solution can be viewed across the organization by every discipline, creating increased alignment and ownership.

    • Scheduling

      Schedulers wish to achieve feasibility quickly and easily in response to ever-changing conditions. They also desire to be freed from manual, routine tasks that can be automated and instead focus on higher-value schedule optimization and exploration activities. Spiral’s solution enables users to codify rule sets which define the scheduling strategy, provides reconciliation with plant measurements and delivers alerts when constraints are violated so that organizations can respond better to opportunities, reduce operational risk and achieve increased alignment with the intended strategy.

    • Trader Tools

      Crude oil qualities can vary significantly and cause severe issues at the refinery. Traders need to be able to assess the possible impact of any quality variation and evaluate alternatives on-the-fly in order to unload risk from refineries and producers. Spiral’s solution integrates real-time feeds of global market data to analyze supply and demand scenarios, so that traders can rank opportunities and perform risk-reward analysis for refineries worldwide instantly in order to achieve the most optimal solutions.