Performance MES : Performance


Keeping equipment operating at peak performance gives you the technology edge you need to reduce margins, cut costs and compete at a higher level. Wonderware MES/Performance is your first step to ensuring sustainable, high performance operations for your production or packaging line equipment.

What is MES/Performance Software?

Wonderware MES/Performance software provides Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) monitoring of production lines in real time, and combines with equipment utilization tracking for a full line performance solution. Tracking of work order execution provides proper categorization of unplanned downtime vs. product changeover or idle time or other planned events. Such granularity at the work order level feeds KPI calculations with dynamic performance target adjustment based on different products and enables real- time indication of schedule adherence and actual line performance. Monitoring, analyzing and continuously improving operating efficiencies and asset utilization reduces costs and increase return on assets (ROA).

What Does MES/Performance Do

Wonderware MES/Performance software provides automatic data collection on production and packaging lines. It captures short stoppage events, freeing line operators from manual data collection tasks and provides immediate feedback on unexpected or trending conditions. Clear indications of line bottlenecks, visibility to real time performance metrics and drill down analytics empower stakeholders with actionable information to effectively increase line performance and operating efficiencies.