Matrikon OPC Server

Matrikon OPC Server

Solve the toughest real-world industrial data connectivity challenges using the right data connectivity tools from Matrikon. Built to facilitate open and secure third party shop floor connectivity, Matrikon OPC UA and OPC Classic solutions put you in control of your new and existing data connectivity infrastructure projects.

Matrikon award winning data connectivity applications provide you with data connectivity you need:

  • Legacy system data connectivity to virtually all major automation vendor components
  • Data management tools to securely and reliably move OT data across complex IT networks
  • Mix and migrate OPC Classic and OPC UA components
  • Implement Industrial internet of Things (IIoT) and Industrie4.0 Platform projects
  • and much more.

PLC OPC Server Suite

Are you looking for easy-to-use industrial strength PLC OPC Servers? Matrikon is proud to be able to offer a collection of robust OPC Servers that meet one of the highest levels of quality assurance and testing in the industry today.

DCS OPC Server Suite

Are you working with legacy systems? Then you are looking for the Matrikon DCS OPC Server Collection which represents the widest selection of DCS connectivity on the planet. Strong relationships with industry giants like Honeywell, Yokogowa and Siemens have resulted in robust OPC Servers that provide reliable device communications and are easy to integrate.

Building Automation OPC Server Suite

As cities rapidly increase in size, the need for the quick and efficient collection of Building Automation Control data becomes critical for making effective business decisions that will lead your enterprise into the future. Matrikon Building Automation OPC Servers allow users to easily consolidate and extract data from geographically disperse locations making your dreams of centralized control stations a reality.

Telemetry SCADA OPC Server Suite

Matrikon Telemetry SCADA technology is built to be industrial strength and easy to use. Our philosophy on Telemetry SCADA communications is that any product produced by Matrikon must have the ability to deal with extreme communications environments.