Performance MES : Performance

Manufacturing Operations Performance Management in Real-time

Reduce costs and increase return on assets (ROA) by monitoring, analysing and continuously improving operating efficiencies. MES Performance combines production and equipment event tracking with work order execution progress information for a full manufacturing performance solution.

Manufacturing Performance Management

Collect and store production event data from operators and automated production equipment for visibility into asset utilisation and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) key performance indicators (KPIs). The MES software uses work order information manually entered, or provided from an external system, to accurately calculate the OEE KPIs based on work order start quantities and product-specific target production rate to track performance across line equipment.

Line Bottleneck Determination

Production line performance is constrained by bottleneck equipment, but the location of the bottleneck is not obvious for operators and might change with the item produced or equipment failure. To track line OEE, the KPI calculations need to be based on the bottleneck performance and have to consider the amount of good production at the defined line’s production source.

Equipment Utilization Tracking and Monitoring

MES Performance tracks equipment utilization by creating an electronic record of different states and attached reasons. Utilization events, such as equipment start/stop or downtime for maintenance, define the state change. These events can be captured automatically from control systems or entered manually into the system by production operators, or as a combination of both.

Multi-site Performance Management

The key in multi-site operations applications is to standardise KPIs, share best practices, and elevate plant performance consistently across your business. Our standardization methodology is based on reusable templates and a low code configuration environment which allows to digital capture best practices in data collection, reporting, decision making support and continuous improvement processes for reuse, sustainable standardization, rapid deployment and for adopting change in your best practices across multi-site manufacturing operations.