Traceability MES : Operation

Real-time Manufacturing Execution Management

Efficiently and reliably manage and document the transformation of materials into finished products. Increase plant productivity and secure quality through the digital transformation of work order and job execution processes. Empower operators with the right information anytime and anywhere, and enforce process and product specifications and capture all manufacturing execution and material flow information for detailed product genealogy and material traceability.

Production Management

MES Operations helps manufacturing companies to eliminate paperwork for managing and documenting production and inventory logistics processes and material flow. The software provides an configurable information model to enforce business and data collection rules, and to assist with job-related specification data and digital instruction documents in real time.

Specification Management

The MES Process model defines the business rules and product specification information to provide and enforce work instructions, BOM, and setup information to both people and automated equipment. Material consumption can be verified against BOM specifications using barcode or RFID readers.

Inventory and Storage Management

MES Operations includes functionality for managing inventory operations and to enable end to end traceability across storage locations, mobile storage units or production equipment for raw materials, semi-finished and finished products.

Manufacturing Execution

Integrated digital work flow management connects people into operational processes and enforces consistent execution of operating procedures. It provides an higher level of automation and team collaboration and keeps the workforce connected with mission-critical processes througth a digital and mobile user experience. Preconfigured and adaptable workflows and related user interface forms for standard MES activities are offered to get MES solutions defined, deployed and running faster.