Real time statistical for process control (SPC) MES

Quality Operations Management and Statistical Process Control

Safeguard quality and compliance through the digital transformation and automation of quality sample plan execution on the shop floor. Reduce quality losses, minimize variation and improve yields with powerful statistical process control (SPC) methods, empowering plant operations with real time visibility into quality trends and notifications of rule-violations in real time.

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Near real-time quality monitoring eliminates time delays to non-conformance notifications while minimizing impact on downstream operations. SPC analysis can be leveraged to “predict” issues and, in response, trigger preventive actions to avoid losses before they cost time and money.

Quality Reporting

Many standard reporting formats are included with Wonderware MES Quality. These include quality characteristic detail reports, which filter sample data on multiple characteristics and summary reports, which provide details on equipment, product, work order and operation category. These reports are published for flexible information presentation via a web browser.

Quality Operations Specification Management

MES Quality is configured in three easy steps. First the user sets variables and different frequencies for quality data collection. Then the software assists in creating sampling plans that define the events and frequencies carried out to secure complete coverage of inspections and documentation.

Sample Plan Execution

The software dynamically manages quality data sampling requirements according to the work order specification and removes these distracting and difficult to manage tasks from operators. This increases scheduling flexibility and improves overall responsiveness to unplanned events.