AVEVA-Enterprise Integraton

AVEVA Enterprise Integration Software

AVEVA Enterprise Integration offers a commercial off the shelf software approach to Plant to
Enterprise integration via reliable message exchange. It’s Web-based user interface provides secure role based simplified user access for administration and configuration, as well as for system monitoring and manual operator intervention.

The software is additionally designed to provide plant business continuity in case of ERP or wide areanetwork (WAN) unavailability. Automatic message store and forward capabilities enable business andmanufacturing systems to work in a complementary fashion that is loosely coupled yet extremely reliable.

The software provides native integration with AVEVA Manufacturing Execution System software through access to MES Tables and Events. Additional integration capabilities include data exchange using XML messages, flat files, database queries and custom interface extensions which goes beyondAVEVA applications and allows for horizontal plant applications integration and for vertical integration with ERP or other business and enterprise systems in a single solution. What value does it bring to our customers?

Enterprise Integrator

Enterprise Integrator offers powerful capabilities to complete the manufacturing supply chain by linking Wonderware Software and other plant floor systems to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), or other enterprise applications.