Unified Project Execution

AVEVA provides digital project execution and construction management capabilities integrated within the engineering solutions.​

AVEVA™ Unified Engineering
End-to-end integration of conceptual design, front-end engineering & design (FEED), and  detailed design for maximum capital project efficiency.

What is Unified Engineering?
Building on AVEVA’s Integrated Engineering & Design concept, AVEVA Unified Engineering is the new standard for capital project engineering and design collaboration. It integrates all process simulation and engineering (1D, 2D and 3D) data in one single data-centric hub on AVEVA's secure cloud environment, AVEVA™ Connect. Bi-directional information flow creates the ability to execute concurrent, multi-discipline engineering for greater control over change across the entire project, reducing project risk while simultaneously enhancing project efficiency and sustainability. 

With AVEVA Unified Engineering, simulation data created in FEED is readily available for use in detailed design and is checked and validated in real-time to break down data silos and increase engineering and design efficiency at all stages of the project.

Single engineering platform optimizes plant efficiency & sustainability 
Process, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation engineers can close the loop to make the most efficient decisions across the asset lifecycle. Process simulation provides insight into plant behavior during the early project phases, so your projects leave FEED with sustainable, optimized processes.

Integrated Engineering & Design
By executing Conceptual, FEED and Detailed Engineering Design from one single data-centric hub, your multi-discipline teams and external suppliers to collaborate in real time. Create a single source of truth and automate workflows across your process and engineering data for overall reduced capital project time, cost, and risk.

Create the Digital Twin Data Model
Real-time data sharing enables instantaneous engineering visibility across all project partners and reduces handover burden. Aggregated project data contributes to the creation of an asset Digital Twin which is easily transferred in the cloud to enable connected workers and ramp up operational optimization programs quickly.

Leverage the cloud
AVEVA Unified Engineering is an always-on, managed service available on AVEVA Connect, our common cloud platform for implementation, support, and maintenance. Work securely from anywhere to improve productivity and empower your workforce, and scale quickly according to your project needs.

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