AVEVA Unified Learning

Formerly Known As Enterprise Wide Learning Experiential learning to build and sustain competence for today’s industrial workforce. Eliminate operator error and ensure consistent performance.

Unified Learning
Unify experiential training tools in a comprehensive learning framework designed to drive competency and consistency throughout the organization.

Build competence faster
Unified Learning delivers engaging custom and generic training programs for industrial operations. We combine the latest technologies with sound instructional design to deliver competency-based experiential learning, so your operators perform better in less time.

Our secure cloud platform, AVEVA™ Connect, creates a scalable way to enable connected workers anywhere and eliminate time-consuming travel for training events.

Assure competency through simulation and assessment
Our methodology focuses on learning by doing with real-life exercises using our proprietary simulation platforms. Our programs and courses are designed for the new generation of workers and incorporate the knowledge and skills needed for competency assurance. 


Acquire knowledge through targeted training materials on process understanding, relevant procedures, policies and references.


Learn required skills through simulator activities and repetition on operating procedures, abnormal conditions, start-up, shutdown and more.


Integrated evaluations score procedural compliance, execution quality, operations time goals and knowledge retention.

Track & Manage

Utilization, progress and competency are tracked directly in the built-in LMS or integrated into your corporate LMS.

Learning design and development services
AVEVA's Unified Learning Services group designs, develops and implements experiential learning that fits with industrial operational tempos. We are gurus of simulation, virtual & augmented reality and blended enterprise learning with knowledge rooted in operations experience.

Instructional Systems Design
We follow a systematic process to develop training solutions based on the needs of the learner and the organization's objectives. Our courses are engaging and effective. We maximize retention and the learning program's ROI.

Agile project delivery
We deliver quality projects quickly. Our agile working methods focus on customer satisfaction and allow us to efficiently respond to changing requirements.

Process Competency Training
Ready-made training courses for a variety of processes and industrial operations. Our courses use a combination of eLearning, simulation and AR/VR technologies to provide hands-on training that covers process fundamental concepts and basic unit operations, including standard operating procedures and abnormal situations.

Oil & Gas, Chemicals
Treatment units

Combined cycle plants
Simple cycle plants
Drum units

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