Pipeline Operations for Liquids

Pipeline Operations for Liquids provides everything needed to efficiently manage real-time control room operations and provides liquids and gas operations visibility.

AVEVA™ Pipeline Operations for Liquids
Operate your pipeline safely and efficiently including real-time leak detection.

About Pipeline Operations for Liquids
Track the movement and predict the estimated time of arrival for batches (Batch Tracking)
- Determine net-metered volumes and flow rates for each point of measurement on the pipeline using API standards
- Provide the ability to store, view, and edit pending, active, and completed tickets
- Manage net and gross volumes of fluid within tanks based on telemetered tank levels
- Support operations safety by validating that the right commodities are in the right place before executing commands
- Calculate and display hydraulic profiles in real-time, including pressure, heat, flow, density, viscosity, and diameter, along the pipeline.

About Pipeline Integrity Monitor
For more than 30 years, pipeline operators have trusted AVEVA to deliver leak detection software as a core component of their pipeline control systems. AVEVA Pipeline Integrity Monitor delivers comprehensive Computational Pipeline Monitoring (CPM) methodologies for detecting leaks allowing companies to select the CPM best suited for their specific pipeline.

- Can detect these incidents with line balance, real-time transient model (RTTM)
- Pressure/flow monitoring methodologies as outlined in API RP 1130.
- These methodologies can be used for detecting a variety of leaks or commodity releases on a specific pipeline — including rupture, unlawful tap, and shut-in leak detection. 

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