AVEVA Pipeline Training Simulator

Formerly Known As SimSuite Pipeline Trainer Train pipeline operators on normal and abnormal conditions with realistic pipeline hydraulics, SCADA functionality, and equipment logic.

AVEVA™ Pipeline Training Simulator
Capture a lifetime of experience.


Where Pipeline Control Room Training Becomes Reality
As part of a control room management (CRM) program, training managers look to ensure their pipelines operate safely, that new pipeline controllers are brought up to speed quickly and effectively, and that their training program complies with industry regulations. AVEVA Pipeline Training Simulator enables pipeline controllers to train on normal and abnormal operating scenarios in a safe and realistic environment. This approach fosters knowledge capture and transfer, improved safety, reduced risk, and ultimately improved availability and reliability.

The Best Defense is a Good Offense
The more complex a pipeline becomes, the more challenging it is to manage problems that drain the bottom line, and expose companies to painful publicity and regulatory scrutiny.

Leading pipeline operators know the best defense is a good offense. Establish the best possible predictive, preventive, and protective measures, and have highly trained pipeline controllers in place to implement those measures.

AVEVA Pipeline Training Simulator Features
AVEVA Pipeline Training Simulator is an Operator Training System (OTS) that allows pipeline controllers to train on normal and abnormal operating scenarios in a safe and realistic environment for operator qualification.

Train On Best Practices
With a robust scenario builder, training managers can ensure pipeline controllers are learning how to do things right, and follow best practices to run pipelines and react to abnormal incidents.

Prepare For Upcoming Operations
In the lead up to starting a new pipeline, operators can train on a Digital Twin of the line, ensuring they are prepared and understand how it will operate in reality by the time it goes live.

Support Qualification and Compliance
Training controllers are critical to a pipeline operator compliance program. In the United States, regulations 49 CFR 192 and 195 mandate simulator-based training as the number one recommended training approach.

Normal and Abnormal Operations Response
AVEVA Pipeline Training Simulator gives controllers the opportunity to train on both normal (startup and shutdown) and abnormal (leak or communication error) operations in a safe and realistic non-production environment.

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