AVEVA System Platform

The responsive, standards-driven, and scalable foundation for supervisory, Enterprise SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications.

Real-Time Operations Control Platform 
AVEVA System Platform with Operations Management Interface (OMI) is the world’s only responsive, scalable solution for supervisory, Enterprise SCADA, MES, and IIoT applications that contextualizes operations processes across the organization. System Platform provides a collaborative, standards-based foundation that unifies people, processes, and assets across all facilities for continuous operational improvement and real-time decision support.

With AVEVA System Platform you can securely visualize enterprise-wide operations using an asset model to apply context to real-time processes, alarms, events, and archived historical data – creating a single, common information stream that makes system design and maintenance more efficient, flexible, and provides operators with greater situational awareness for improved effectiveness.

Innovative User Experience
Drive action through context-aware and data-driven visualization.  OMI utilizes a responsive framework that re-imagines the traditional HMI experience.

Empower operators with situational awareness

- Deliver immersive control applications that weaves context throughout the visual design, including situational awareness concepts, for improved operator performance.
- Quickly navigate displays following intuitive and modern UI/UX design techniques, pop-out slide panels and multi-level window structures.
- Uncover new insights and training opportunities by reviewing historical activity through the historical playback capability – no scripting or configuration necessary. Just hit play.
- Apply geographical perspectives to decision making with the Map OMI App enabling operators to become more aware of geographically distributed assets.
- Centralize access to non-traditional information sources such as work orders and team collaboration to bring greater context to process centric views.
- Increase usability across devices with multi-touch and gesture controls such as panning, zooming, and declutter mechanisms.
- Automatically calculate statistical summary process data (i.e. maximum, minimum, average, etc.) in real-time without any coding.
- Capture the “best operator” in the system to reduce operator strain and expedite on-boarding for new operators.

Intelligent alarming supports productivity
Maximize the use of advanced alarm management capabilities like state-based alarming, alarm suppression, alarm shelving, alarm grouping and aggregation to identify and filter out nuisance and “bad actor” alarms based on severity to maintain focus on the most relevant process information, reducing operator distractions and fatigue.

Establish a system of record
Unlike conventional relational databases, AVEVA Historian handles time-series data, as well as alarm and event data. Unique “block technology” captures plant data hundreds of times faster than a standard database system and utilizes a fraction of conventional storage space.

Capture everything on-time
Manage low bandwidth data communications, late coming information, and even data from systems with mismatched system clocks. Ensuring high resolution data is captured accurately every time.

Analyze complex trends
Process one year of historical data in less than a second to facilitate troubleshooting, identify inefficiencies, and eliminate the time-consuming activity of locating data, using AVEVA Historian Client’s powerful trend, query and reporting tools.

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