AVEVA BI Gateway

A unifying multi-dimensional information model to aggregate data from multiple sources and provide context for use with reporting/ dashboard tools. Improve plant performance in near real-time by enabling rich analytics in your BI tool on industrial data.

Discover What Drives Plant Performance

Dashboard, reports, and other tools are only as good as the data they access.

Taken individually, data sources generally bring valuable information to end-users. However, when data sources are assembled together in a single, trusted data set covering industrial operations as a whole, the business value of visualization tools thrives.

AVEVA BI Gateway synthesizes data from across the plant, revealing relationships that would be all but invisible otherwise. It models big data into manageable chunks, so that industrial teams can track performance against the metrics that matter most – in time enough to make a difference.

Gain new insights into optimization potentials that may be hidden in disconnected functional domains or in separate datasets. By providing a single version of the truth and contextualizing data, AVEVA BI Gateway helps you make strategic sense out of your production data.




The Business Case

AVEVA BI Gateway continuously computes the metrics that are important to improving plant, multi-plant, or infrastructure performance.

This enables tighter adherence to operating goals with near real-time resolution. You will be better able to understand the impact of planning, execution, staffing, and equipment behaviour on key strategic variables such as quality, performance, material, and energy consumption.

This powerful solution helps you to maximize return on investment in plant floor and enterprise solutions, unlocking the business relevant context hidden in the distributed data of your existing applications. It adds the information and insight you need for more transparency into the true cost and profit contributions from each of your operations.

Enabling Collaborative Operations

Everyone on the Same Metric

Ensuring that everyone has timely access to their key metrics is critical, but unless metrics are aligned with operational strategies, people could be working at cross-purposes. Intelligence enables true operations collaboration by offering actionable information, easy-to-read, easy-to-understand, and tailored to the different operational roles in your plant. It enables both expert and casual users to benefit from the process know-how that already exists in your operations.


All Your Data Sources, Connected

Connect Multiple Plant and Enterprise Data Sources Simultaneously

Connect multiple plant and enterprise data sources simultaneously to reveal how disparate industrial operations affect each other. Its operational intelligence tools model these relationships among vast amounts of data in the context of KPIs. Powerful software then calculates and displays variations in metrics in near real-time. A user-friendly analytics dashboard helps users monitor progress and share results across an array of devices, anytime and anywhere.

Make Strategic Sense Out of Data


Without the organized data modelling of Intelligence, making sense of so much data is difficult, if not impossible. With AVEVA BI Gateway’s modeling, you get a single version of operating truth that ERP systems, data warehouses, and enterprise business intelligence tools need to make strategic sense out of production or operations data.

Predefined data models shorten time-to-insight significantly, equipping you to see value from day one. AVEVA BI Gateway eliminates the need for IT services to create reports and dashboards, and empowers users with self-service access to operational intelligence.


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