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Enlighten Technology

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Enlighten Technology Co., Ltd. (the “Company” or “Enlighten”) Since 2013, Enlighten Technology has been focusing on distribution and services all products & solutions related to Digital transformation, Industrial Automation & IIoT. Start from being a distributor of AVEVA, currently Enlighten represent many other World premier brands including Stratus, Loftware/Nicelabel, Planettogether, Pragma, Matrikon, etc. We are part of our customer’s success for over 100 projects per year with over 900 customer references in Thailand. This success is thru our 50 strong implementation partners (System Integrators). Sustainability in cooperative business stem from trust. We at our desire would grow longer term business together with the customers and partners who have trustworthiness in us and vice versa. We believe many customers are looking forward to sustainable relationships. Our customer and partner programs offer a distinctive path for mutual greater benefits, and cost and time savings. Our customers can access to products knowledge, upcoming product release information, presale support, training program, technical support, workshop, and other material information to build on the achievement of their projects. Immediately contacting us for the benefits and commence  the sustainable relationship together.



*Wonderware has now become AVEVA.





Our value and strengths

1. We have contributed over 100 successful projects per year to partners and end-users by providing technology to partners and introduce them to end users. Inshort, we facilitate technology to many partners by training and workshop and introduce the potential partners to provide successful projects to end-users. How we contribute to those successful projects?

1.1 To give advice to partners both products and pricing strategies in order to increase probability to win projects.1.2 To assist partners to build their own solutions using Enlighten’s products / technology.

1.3 To suggest project leads from end-users to our competent partners.

1.4 To share customer installed bases to partners for services and upgrade products to current version.

1.5 To assist partners and end-users to set proper system configuration correctly from the beginning of engineering design phase.

1.6 To affirm end-user in the competent partners by issuing certification letter to support/confirm the partners’ potential.

1.7 To provide consultancy, training and workshop prior, during project implementation and after completion.

1.8 To offer other scope of supply and services in the next session.

2. With our full range of products and industrial software solutions, we could address most of the requirements in many industries. Our network of suppliers is from worldwide ranging from the USA, Europe, China, South Africa, and ASEAN.

3. Referring our customer references in Thailand over 900 plants and increasingly expansion, we are urgently looking for more partners to mutually serve all our end customers.

4. With solid partner program, we have recruited over 50 partners to serve end-users with the full coverage of services as detailed in partner’s capabilities under “Partner Domain”.

5. Our distribution network of products and services is inclusively and completely established in main countries in ASEAN, such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, and Singapore. In other words, partners’ products, solutions, and services could also be expanded to those countries as well.

6. We have numerous promotions in reliance and conformity with variety of customer’s requirements. Please kindly consider the documentary reference herewith attached “Promotion to Partners” for more details.

Scope of our products and services

1. To supply products / solutions related to digital transformation or industrial automation as detailed in “ELT Product Portfolio” for more detail.

2. Product training for both partner’s technical team and sale team and technical training for end-user in plants as well. Partners will always access to knowledge base of the latest innovations in the industry through continuous training and certification.

3. To assist partner to build solutions with top ranking industrial software and hardware technology, product / solution training and workshop.

4. To support sale proceedings to partners’ sale team.

5. To introduce implementer for industrial software projects to end-user referring the expertise as specified by partner in “Partner Domain”. Since expertise is one of the key factors in decision making for end-user to select an implementor, we therefore support partners in completed qualification. Prior introducing partner in the title of system integrator (“SI”) or implementer to end-user, we will help our partners to become certified, qualified and focus partners respectively.

6. To offer product troubleshooting and alliance with manufacturer in emergency case for product troubleshooting by issuing hotfixes or patches.

7. To offer onsite services for products troubleshooting or training.

8. To proceed marketing activities, such as seminar, roadshow, etc.

9. To facilitate partners to build a strong digital transformation community (digital transformation marketplace). The objective is to constitute collaboration among partners to fulfill supplementary parts of each other and capture a larger scope of customer’s requirements. Hence, Enlighten’s network offers more than a two-way relationships; the mutual collaboration between partners in the network enhances business opportunities tremendously.

Our believe

Frist : Success for us is achievable only by assisting our partners to succeed. Assisting partners is, therefore, the key and will only happen with trust. This is because we only could fulfill each other’s gap after we truly understand each other. And, definitely, the more we trust the more we share and understand each other. With our commitment and clear policy, we believe partners could trust, share, be fulfilled, and grow together as a result.

Second : Sustainability in business stem from the trust of partner.

Third: There are plenty of opportunities for expertise. We strive to always be the one. Also, at the same time, we seek and demand to work with such competent organization or people.