Enlighten X Stratus Training Day 2024

Enlighten X Stratus Training Day 2024

June 7, 2024

    Last week, Enlighten Technology Co. Ltd. conducted a training as part of our yearly seminar to introduce Stratus Solutions to our esteemed partners. This training was a collaboration with Stratus Technologies featuring special speaker, Mr. Xyiver Goh, Regional Sales Director of North ASEAN on ‘Future of Compute Availability and Direction of Stratus’. We were also honored by Ms. Sebrrina Chang and Mr. Kwok Jin Teoh from ISDN Software Business, as the featured speakers on ISDN Success Cases in Singapore. 


    Enlighten X Stratus Training Day 2024 provides exclusive training sessions, offering personalized guidance to our valued partners.  

    Additionally, this offers the opportunities to show demonstrations, and allowing participants to gain valuable insights and deeper understanding.